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Law Council of Australia (LCA) - Resources - Policies and Guidelines(Online)
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Canberra: Law Council of Australia
Website includes policy and guidelines - Alternative Dispute Resolution Policy -- Anti Money Laundering Guide for Legal Practitioners ? 2009 -- Anti Money Laundering Guide for Legal Practitioners - 2016 -- Asylum Seeker Policy -- Australian Collaborative Practice Guidelines -- Australian Taxation Office - Access to Lawyers Premises -- Commonwealth Criminal Cases Review Commission -- Consolidation of Commonwealth Anti-Discrimination Laws -- Crowdfunding Guidance Note -- Death Penalty Policy Statement -- Diversity and Equality Charter -- Ethical Guidelines for Mediators 2018 -- Equitable Briefing Policy -- Equitable Briefing Policy for Female Barristers and Advocates -- Execution of AFP Search Warrants on Lawyers' Premises -- Futures Summit - Background Paper -- Guidelines for Lawyers in Mediations 2018 -- Guidelines for Parties in Mediations 2018 -- Indigenous Australians and the Legal Profession -- International Legal Practice -- Intervention on International Human Rights Matters -- Justice Impact Assessment Policy Statement -- Jury Directions -- Law Council Policy on a Federal Charter or Bill of Human Rights -- Legal Aid and Access to Justice Policy Principles -- Mandatory Sentencing Discussion Paper -- Mandatory Sentencing Factsheet -- Mandatory Sentencing Policy Position -- Mandatory Sentencing Policy Statement -- Model Guidelines for a Harmonious System of Torrens Title -- Pro Bono Publico - For the Public Good -- Policy Statement on Human Rights and the Legal Profession -- Policy Statement Proposal for Australia's role in a regional cooperative approach to the flow of asylum seekers into and within the Asia Pacific region -- Policy Statement on Sustainable Development - 14 September 2019 -- Post Border Protection Legislation -- Principles Applying to Detention in a Criminal Law Context -- Position Paper Business and Human Rights and the Australian Legal Profession -- Principles Applying to the Detention of Asylum Seekers --
(continued) ...Regulation of third party litigation funding in Australia -- Registration Reporting Obligations for Child Sex Offenders -- Rule of Law Principles -- The Process of Judicial Appointments -- Whistleblower Policy Statement

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