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Brief history, sources of law, fundamental principles Case management - commonwealth and state schemes Jurisdiction - state courts and commonwealth, statutory extensions Parties and joinder - corporations, associations, partnerships, the Crown, infants, trustees and agents, deceased persons. Limitation periods, calculation of time - latent damage and personal injury Commencing proceedings - various states, personal service, service out of Australia, statuory aids Pleadings, statment of claim, defence and pleadings, counter-claim The pre-emptive strike - summary judgement, judgement on pleadings or admissions, interlocutory injunctions, Mareva injunctions, Anton Pillar orders, security for costs, directions hearings, speedy trials and notice to admit Errors and default, time and delay, judgement in default, self executing orders, amendment of limitation periods, names of parties Discovery, scope, possession, challenges, interrogatories, inspections and examination; privelege and oppression Settlement and discontinuance, formal offers, infants Trial and judgement, preparation for trial, mode, venue, verdict and judgement Costs - nature, type, common costs orders, taxation of costs Appeals, lodgement. stay of decision, leave to appeal, rehearing, costs of appeals Execution, judgement, alternative dispute resolution
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