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Open Courts bench book (Online)
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Melbourne, Vic.: Judicial College of Victoria
Open courts - suppression orders -- Open Justice
Updated 14 February 2020
From the website "Open Courts Bench Book - Focusing on the Open Courts Act 2013, which commenced on 1 December 2013, the Open Courts Bench Book contains - commentary on the principles of open justice and the availability of suppression or closed-court orders, along with related topics including procedure, review and appeal and breach of orders -- analysis and information on when such orders may be available, and relevant considerations and restrictions to be taken into account in drafting orders -- discussion of the categories of information that may be suppressed and the rights and obligations of parties and the media -- a suite of model orders that may be adapted for use in your own proceedings -- Other resources prepared by JCV - Guide to the Open Courts Act 2013 -- Introduction to the Open Courts Act 2013 ? Flowchart - Whether or not to make an order under the Open Courts Act 2013 ? Flowchart - Drafting considerations and restrictions for suppression orders under the Open Courts Act 2013 -- Open Courts Act Quiz - Test your knowledge of the Open Courts Act 2013"
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