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Domestic violence: when Family and Criminal Law collide. Seminar paper. May 2019
Seminar Paper
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F KN 175 T 1
Melbourne, Vic.: Television Education Network (TEN)
Agenda -- Equal shared parental responsibility -- Family violence orders v parenting orders -- Family violence orders (QLD) -- Family violence orders (NSW) -- Family violence orders (WA) -- Family violence -- Magellan program -- Magellan process -- West v West -- Rose Batty case -- Some experiences of mine that have crossed over between Family Law and Criminal Proceedings -- False allegations in Family Law -- False allegations and perjury in Family Law -- Accepting an AVO on a final basis -- Criminal charges for breach of AVO -- Communicating with police -- Sole use and occupation order -- Family Violence Act -- Family violence in property matters -- Domestic violence and spousal visas
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