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Listed companies: law & market practice
Earp, Martin K. ; McGrath, Gai M. ;
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Sydney, N.S.W.: LBC Information Services
The regulators: Australian Securities Commission, Australian Stock Exchange; initial public offerings: rationale, prospects and players, regulatory framework, team costs and timetable, prospectus drafting, the due diligence process, liabilities and exposures, underwriting, ASX listing, marketing and the aftermarket, backdoor listings; raising further equity: Corporations Law Requirements, ASX requirements, directors' duties in respect of capital raising, rights issues, options and convertible notes, employee share schemes, dividend reinvestment plans; reporting and disclosure: the continuous disclosure regime, financial reporting, access to corporate information; shareholder approvals: related-party transactions, disposal of the main undertaking, changing the constitution, miscellaneous shareholder approvals; dealing in securities: objectives and framework, misleading and deceptive conduct, manipulation and market rigging, statements, inducements and information, liability for misconduct, shortselling, insider trading; buy-backs: why do a buy-back?, legal framework for buy-backs, implementation considerations; the takeover regime: power to vote or dispose, association and entitlement, impediments to acquisition, FIRB, trade practices and monopolies, Australian broadcasting regulations, planning for a takeover, the launching pad and fuse, non-bid gateways to acquisition; Bidding: which way to go?, Part A procedure and timing, Part A and B statements , Part A offer and dynamics, on-market offers, investor protection and fair play, fuzzy law fall-back, strategy, tactics, duties and money, minority take-out; schemes of arrangement: why use a scheme to acquire a company?, can a scheme be used?, scheme steps
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Includes table of cases, table of statutes, glossary and index
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