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Celebrating excellence [2013 legal awards]
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LIJ (2013) 87 No 10
A summary of the 2013 LIV Legal Awards which has recognised outstanding contributions from the profession. - A scholarship law student at Monash University, Kylie Pearce won the Paul Baker Award which recognises individual achievement in administrative or human rights law. -- Lawyer and executive director of the Victoria Law Foundation, Joh Kirby, who won the Rogers Legal Writing Award -- The Access to Justice Award was won by Sophie Delaney of Victoria Legal Aid for helping marginalised and disadvantaged Victorians through advocacy and law reform activities -- The accredited specialists achievement award went to property lawyer Lorna Gelbert of Madgwicks. Community lawyer or organisation of the year went to Shelley Burchfield of the Refugee and Immigration Legal Centre (RILC) -- Department of Health lawyer Louise Johnson won the Government Lawyer of the Year Award -- Workplace relations lawyer Mary-Jane Ierodiaconou received two awards - a certificate of service as well as the award for Law Firm of the Year. Ms Ierodiaconou established the employment, discrimination and labour relations law firm Justitia with lawyer Sarah Rey -- A lawyer benefiting from flexible work practices was Claire Kowarsky of Kelly Hazell Quill Lawyers, winner of the Rising Star of the Year award -- Support was key to the Mentor of the Year award ? bestowed on Victor Harcourt, head of public law, litigation and the aged care team at Russell Kennedy where he has worked for 21 years -- Suburban Lawyer of the Year went to Celina Roth -- Regional Lawyer of the Year went to Dianne Hadden, a sole practitioner in Ballarat, who thanked former LIV president Bernie Teague for valuable ethical training early in her career. Mr Teague was named the winner of the President?s Honorary Award, the final major award of the event. Mr Tang said he had chosen Mr Teague as the recipient of the award, which is not an annual award but given in exceptional circumstances, because of his tireless contribution.
Tang, Reynah ; Delaney, Sophie ; Gelbert, Lorna ; Burchfield, Shelley ; Johnson, Louise ; Justitia Lawyers & Consultants ; Harcourt, Victor ; Pearce, Kylie ; Teague, Bernard ; Hadden, Dianne ; Kowarsky, Claire ; Kirby, Joh (CEO, Victoria Law Foundation) (photo) ; Roth, Celina ; Doogue, Bill ; Evans, Adrian ; Evert, Bettina ; Ierodiaconou, Mary-Jane ; Lane, Adeline ; McNamara, Claire ; O'Brien, Conor ; Perry, John ; Trumble, William (Bill) ;

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