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The wellness doctrines : for law students & young lawyers
Doraisamy, Jerome ;
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KL 96.6 D 1
N.S.W.: Xoum Publishing
Jerome's story, Part I: What went wrong? -- Legal Profession vs. Depression: Jerome's case for change -- Why is there such a stigma about depression in law? -- I don't have depression. Why should I worry? -- If law can be bad for your health, why do it? -- Personalities, Part I: Identifying our legal idiosyncrasies -- Personalities, Part II: Overcoming our legal idiosyncrasies -- How can law teachings and practices affect our wellbeing? -- The importance of individual responsibility -- What works and doesn't work when managing your health and wellbeing? -- It's so hard to find a job in law. What can I do? -- Choosing the right job for me -- How can I manage an often onerous workload in law? -- How can I unwind when I'm stressed at my desk? -- What is the best way for me to achieve a work/life balance? -- I already have a busy schedule. If I take on a hobby, won't I become even more tired and stressed? -- Do we have a tendency to self-medicate with alcohol? -- What have other people experienced? How do I know I'm not alone? -- How can I help my friends, colleagues or classmates who have such health issues? -- What makes law such an important profession in our society, and how can I help effect meaningful change? -- Resources: I need help. What can I do, where can I go, who can I turn to? -- Jerome's story, Part II: Where am I now?
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