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The lawyer's guide to social networking : understanding social media's impact on the law
Browning, John G. ;
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KN 340 B 1
Boston: Aspatore
1. Introduction -- 2. Social Media 101 -- 3. The long arm of the cyber law: social networking and jurisdictional issues -- 4. Served through Facebook: social networking and the service of process -- 5. The Facebook divorce: social networking and family law -- 6. Foiled by Facebook: use of social networking evidence in criminal matters -- 7. Who are you going to believe, me or my Facebook page? Social networking and personal injury cases -- 8. Social media and employment law -- 9. Libel by Twitter: the collision of social media and defamation law -- 10. You are what you post: discoverability and evidentiary issues and social networking -- 11. Digging in the digital dirt: some practical pointers on discovery -- 12. Facebook, eh? Social networking and Canadian law -- 13. Intellectual property concerns in the age of social networking -- 14. Disclosure and the Twitter nation: social media and securities law -- 15. Ethical issues and social networking -- 16. Why can't we be friends? Judges and social networking -- 17. Social networking and jury selection -- 18. Dangers of the online juror -- 19. Social media and the First Amendment -- 20. Social media and attorney marketing -- 21. What does the future hold? Social media and evolving crimes, causes of action, defenses, and legal duties.
Includes appendices
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