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Administration of estates of deceased persons: report of the National committee for Uniform Succession Laws to the Standing Committee of Attorneys General. Report
Brisbane, Qld.: Law Reform Commission Queensland
Series Part:
Vol. 1
Administration of estates: an overview
Jurisdiction to make and revoke grants and to reseal grants made elsewhere
Appointment of personal representatives
Appointment of personal representatives: order of priority for letters of administration
Appointment of personal representatives: specific issues concerning public trustees and trustee companies
Transmission of the office of personal representative
Notice provisions and caveats
Administration bonds and sureties
Vesting of property
Powers of personal representative
Personal representatives as trustees

Vol. 2
The liability of a personal representative
Assets for the payment of debts
Payment of debts in an insolvent estate
Payment of debts in a solvent estate
Payment of legacies and devices
Partition of land
Obtaining the court's advice or directions
Distribution after notice
The right to follow assets and the barring of claims
Survivorship and the presumptions of death
The court's jurisdiction to make a grant on the presumption of death
The revocation of grants and the effect of revocation

Vol. 3
The survival of causes of action
Dealing with wills
Mechanisms to facilitate administration and to minimise the need to obtain a grant
Resealing: an overview
Instruments that may be resealed
Countries whose grants may be resealed
Persons who may apply for the resealing of a grant
Effects of resealing a grant
The resealing process
Choice of law issues: the person in whose favour a grant may be made or researled
Automatic recognition of grants
The scheme for automatic recognition of grants
The effect of automatic recognition on other areas of succession law
Miscellaneous administration provisions

Vol. 4
Summary of recommendations
Model administration legislation
Administration of Estates Bill 2009
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