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Hutley's Australian wills precedents (eLending)
10th Edition
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Sydney, N.S.W.: LexisNexis Butterworths
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1. General considerations - estate planning; validity of will, requirements for; capacity; concealment of will; order to produce will -- 2. Drafting a will using these precedents; taking instructions and structuring a will -- 3. Commencement and testimonium; wills for assets in foreign countries -- 4. Revocation clauses -- 5. Directions as to disposal and use of the body; enduring power of attorney; appointment of enduring guardian; directions as to undue prolongation of life -- 6. Deaths - simultaneous or near-simultaneous; presumption of death; order of deaths clauses; intermediate income -- 7. Children; adopted, surrogate and ex-nuptial children; guardianship -- 8. Will made in contemplation of marriage; the effect of divorce -- 9. Provision for spouse or partner -- 10. Appointment of executors -- 11. Payment of executors: gifts in lieu of payment; gifts to be independent of acting as executor or trustee -- 12. Executor's right to buy trust property -- 13. Solicitors to be employed by executors -- 14. Family provision; financial agreements - prenuptial, nuptial and postnuptial -- 15. Taxes and duties -- 16. Releases -- 17. Life insurance policies and superannuation -- 18. Gift of whole estate to executors on trust -- 19. Pecuniary legacies -- 20. Personal property -- 21. Shares and other interests in respect of a limited company; appointment of directors -- 22. Real property -- 23. Specific gift of property subject to mortgage or charge; Locke King's Act -- 24. Annuities and protective trusts -- 25. Trusts -- 26. Life interests, including occupation of matrimonial home, substitutionary provisions, apportionment and powers of appointment -- 27. Residuary gifts, and gifts of the whole estate -- 28. Gifts to charities and incorporated or unincorporated bodies -- 29. Powers of executors and trustees -- 30. Codicils -- 31. Attestation -- 32. Backing Sheet -- 33. Contracts as to dispositions by will; mutual wills
Includes appendix and index.
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