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Government powers under a Federal Constitution : constitutional law in Australia
Pyke, John ;
2nd Edition
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KM 31 P 1
Pyrmont, N.S.W.: Thomson Reuters (Professional) Australia
pt. A. - Constitutional concepts and their history-- 1. The significance of constitutions and Constitutional law -- 2. Sources of constitutional ideas -- 3. The colonisation of Australia and the development of six self-governing colonies -- 4. Federation and the creation of the Commonwealth Constitution -- 5. Independence - from the sovereignty of the UK Parliament to the Sovereignty of the People -- pt. B. General principles of constitutional law and litigation. 6. The constitution as Supreme law, and an outline of its provisions -- 7. Constitutional litigation -- 8. General principles of interpretation of the Commonwealth Constitution -- pt. C. The "branches" of government, general limits on their powers, and consequences for individual rights. C1. Parliamentary powers and limits on them, other than federal limits -- C2. Executive power and its subjection to law -- C3. Limits inherent in the nature of judicial power -- pt. D. The federal division of legislative powers. D1. The range of Commonwealth legislative powers -- D2. The effects of the Commonwealth Constitution on the states and territories -- pt. E. Possible changes to the federation -- 38. New states, and changing the boundaries of states -- 39. Formal alteration of the constitution - the record so far and current issues.
Includes table of cases, table of statutes and index
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