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COVID-19 : can you still enforce your commercial contracts. Seminar paper. June 2020
Mills, Peter ;
Seminar Paper
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F KN 254 M 2
Melbourne, Vic.: Television Education Network (TEN)
What is a force majeure? -- Is your force majeure clause adequate to cover a pandemic event? -- What does an "Act of God" mean and does it cover a pandemic? -- When will a party be relieved of its obligations [under force majeure]? -- If all else fails, can the common law doctrine of frustration come to the rescue? -- Is this the same as the force majeure clauses we commonly find in commercial contracts? -- Frustration isn't always the remedy you want. It could be a two-edged sword -- Given the closure or suspension of various courts throughout Australia, what can you do? "Self help" options under PPS and other laws -- Key inclusions to include now in your clients' supply contracts and other commercial agreements -- Case law update -- Takeaways
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