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Nygh's conflict of laws in Australia
10th Edition
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KC 2000 N 1 10
Chatswood, N.S.W.: LexisNexis Butterworths
Part I General -- Introduction to the subject -- Conflicts within Australia -- Part II Jurisdiction and procedure -- Jurisdiction in personam -- Interlocutory relief -- Federal and admiralty jurisdiction -- Cross-vested jurisdiction -- Forum selection and arbitration agreements -- Restraint of local proceedings: clearly inappropriate forum -- Restraint of foreign proceedings: anti-suit injunctions -- State immunity, act of state and non-justiciability -- Evidence from and for other countries -- Part III Choice of law generally -- Choice-of-law theories -- Personal connecting factors: domicile, nationality and residence -- Characterisation and the selection of the lex causae -- Renvoi and the incidental question -- Substance and procedure -- The pleading and proof of foreign law -- The exclusion of foreign laws and institutions -- Part IV Obligations -- Contracts -- Torts -- Restitutionary claims and equitable obligations -- Negotiable instruments -- International monetary obligations -- Part V Family law -- The meaning of marriage -- The creation of a valid marriage -- Principal relief: dissolution, annulment, declarations and legal separation -- Matrimonial property and financial relief -- The welfare of children -- The status of children -- Adoption -- Mental incapacity -- Part VI Property -- Property: preliminary matters -- Transactions between living persons -- Trusts -- Part VII Corporations and insolvency -- Corporations -- Bankruptcy and corporate insolvency -- Part VIII Devolution on death -- Administration of deceased estates -- Succession -- Part IX Arbitration -- Choice of law in arbitration -- Part X Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and awards -- Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments at common law -- Enforcement of foreign judgments by statute -- Enforcement of judgments within Australia -- Enforcement of foreign arbitral awar
Includes tables and index
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