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Online evidence in family law - what's in, what's out. Seminar paper. October 2019
Seminar Paper
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F KN 170 W 8
Melbourne, Vic.: Television Education Network (TEN)
When is online material considered evidence? -- It must be relevant evidence to be admissible - the first test -- It's conclusion (or not) falls to the broad discretion of the judge; which is very broad indeed in respect of parenting mattes and governed by Division 12A -- It may be excluded under other provisions of the Evidence Act - sections 138 & 135 --It may be relevant evidence and admitted but what weight will the court give online evidence? -- The role of social media in parenting cases -- Some examples of parenting access -- What should you be telling your clients regarding social media usage? -- Do lawyers have an obligation to conduct online searches for relevant evidence? -- When is online evidence considered evidence in property matters -- How do you submit website material and other evidence to the Court - examining procedural requirements -- The "cloud" unpacked; a practical look at: where your evidence may be stored -- How it is provided to Court
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