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Financial agreements unbound: power imbalances, bad bargains and undue influence under the spotlight. Seminar paper. June 2019
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F KN 170 G 1
Melbourne, Vic.: Television Education Network (TEN)
Introduction -- Binding financial agreements -- Is a binding financial agreement a contract? -- Schedules of assets and liabilities -- Fraud (including non-disclosure of a material matter) -- Void, voidable or unenforceable -- Undue influence -- Unconscionable conduct -- Identifying unequal bargaining power between the parties - relevant factors in identifying the "weaker party" and "stronger party" -- Defining a "bad bargain" and why it is important -- Undue influence, duress and unconscionability - key characteristics and warning signs -- The future of "duress" -- "Ink on the tuxedo/wedding dress" agreements - a red flag for duress? -- Mist the pressure be illegitimate -- Lessons from the High Court's decision in Thorne v Kennedy -- Conclusion
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