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Proving the existence of de facto relationships in family matters : finding certainty in murky waters. Seminar paper. July 2018
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F KN 174 C 1
Melbourne, Vic.: Television Education Network (TEN)
Introduction -- Comparative provisions - de facto and married -- What are the differences? -- Jurisdictional aspects - de facto financial causes -- Geographic conditions -- Declaration about existence of de facto relationships -- Length of relationship -- Time limits -- Elements governing existence of a de facto relationship -- Do the parties have to live together? -- How significant a factor is a sexual relationship? -- Public aspects of the relationship -- To what extent do financial affairs need to be mingled? -- Later stage relationships - when are they de facto relationships? -- Relationships over the internet -- Determining the start and end of the relationship - evidence -- Can more than one de facto relationship exist at the same time? -- Consequences of threshold issue on availability of interim or interlocutory relief -- Case law update
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Kovacs, Dorothy ; Edney, D. ; Berrill, J. ; De Hoog, C. ; Miller, R. ; Peirce, J. ;
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