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Aviation law in Australia
Bartsch, Ronald I.C. ;
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Aviation ;
An introduction to aviation law The Australian legal system; English laws applicable to Australia; The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia; The Statute of Westminster 1931; The Australia Act 1986 Sources of law; common law; law reports; legislation; statutory interpretation; legislation relating to aviation Dispute resolution Contract law Negligence and other torts; trespass; defamation; nuisance Employment law Administrative law Criminal Law Aviation regulatory authorities; aviation regulators; air safety; providers of aviation services and infrastructure; regulation of competition; environmental issues Air traffic control; Airservices Australia; liability of public authorities; air traffic controller liability General aviation and aviation insurance; private and recreational flying; business organisations; flight training and charter organisations Aircraft maintenance organisations and manufacturers; airworthiness legislation; liability of aircraft maintenance engineers; products liability in aviation Airline operations; powers and liabilities of the pilot-in-command; flight attendants; liability of travel agencies International aviation; international law; The Chicago Convention; International Civil Aviation Organisation; The Warsaw Convention Environmental law; federal & state environmental legislation; aviation compatability and land zoning; environmental regulation and aircraft in flight; common law and aircraft noise
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Includes table of cases, table of statutes and index
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