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Wills probate and administration Victoria (eLending)
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Administration and Probate Act and Rules -- Wills Act & Commentary - Formalities - Testamentary capacity, undue influence, knowledge and approval Fraud - Property and election - Beneficiaries - Construction of wills - Gifts and legacies - Limitations conditions and perpetuities - Survivorship - Conflict of laws and wills and probate -- Repealed Wills act 1958 -- Intestacy -- Uncontested probate applications - Application for a grant of probate - Grants of probate and letters of administration - Special and limited grants - Recognition of foreign grants - Precedents -- Contested probate applications - Caveats - Precedents - Proof of solemn form - Revocation of grants -- Testators Family Maintenance - Family provision - The net estate and independent means - Time limits and extension of time - Protection of personal representative - Probate duty and TFM claims - duties of personal representative - Precedents in TFM -- Estate Administration - Application and administration of assets - The personal representative trustee distinction - Duties, powers and rights of personal representative or trustees - Removal of executors or trustees - Provision of accounts and other information - Executors Commission - Disclaimer and surrender of life interest - Interstate and overseas assets - Executor's year - Release and indemnities and Precedents -- 9. Solicitors duties - Acting for personal representative or beneficiaries - Solicitor as personal representative - Negligence: liability of practitioners - conflict of interest - checklists -- Estate planning Taxation - testamentary & discretionary trusts - Wills Precedents and Commentary -- Cost and fees -- Words and phrases -- Related legislation - Victoria and Commonwealth -- Latest cases Bibliography
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