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Family Law Act 1975 [annotated] -- Family Law Rules 2004 (repealed) [annotated] Family Law Regulations [annotated] -- Child support -- Western Australian Family Court Act, Regulations and Rules -- Marriage Act and Regulations -- Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia Act 2021 -- Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia Rules -- Federal Circuit Court of Australia Act 1999 (repealed) -- Federal Circuit Court regulations -- Related Commonwealth Legislation -- Family dispute resolution - primary dispute resolution -- Collaborative law in relation to family law -- Legal Aid - Costs -- Practice directions and guidelines -- Forms -- Superannuation -- Tables and general information -- General practice matters [precedents] -- Case management [precedents] -- Applications and affidavits [practice and precedents] -- Application for divorce, nullity and validity of marriage -- Child support [precedents] -- Parenting orders and agreements -- Property orders [precedents] -- De facto financial proceedings in a family law court [precedents] -- Financial agreements -- Service precedents -- Disclosure, non-party production and subpoenas -- Terms of settlement and consent orders [precedents] -- Injunctions -- Appeals precedents -- Enforcement -- Costs -- Federal Circuit Court forms and precedents -- Superannuation orders and agreements [precedents] -- Spousal maintenance [precedents]
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