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CaseBase is a comprehensive case citator and annotator covering more than 60 Australian and overseas report series and the unreported decisions of the High Court, the Federal Court, the Supreme Courts of all Australian States and Territories, the Family Court, the NSW Land and Environment Court, the Cth Administrative Appeals Tribunal, the Federal Magistrates Court, and other selected jurisdictions.

Case entries include case details (name, date decided, judges, court and citation), parallel citations, CaseBase signals which summarise the subsequent judicial consideration the case has received, a list of cases that have subsequently considered the case, a list of cases considered in the case, judicially considered words and phrases, catchwords, digests, articles considering the case, and, for online subscribers, a link to the full text of the decision or articles cited where available.

CaseBase is also an excellent bibliographic reference, with catchworded and annotated article entries covering over 100 Australian and overseas legal journals.

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