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Hudson's building and engineering contracts : including the duties and liabilities of architects, engineers and surveyors
Wallace, I.N. Duncan ; Hudson, ;
10th Edition : 1st supplement
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KN 83.8 H 1 10s
London, England: Sweet & Maxwell
Building Contracts ;
General principles of law - classification of contracts; formation of a simple contract; contracts under seal; variation; void and voidable contracts; implied terms; custom and trade usage; collateral agreements; estoppel and waiver; liability apart from contract Architects, engineers and surveyors - need for employment; contract of employment; authority of the architect and engineer; rights of the contractor when architect or engineer exceeds authority; duties and liabilities; fraud and bribery; remuneration; liability for quantity surveyors fees Tenders and estimates - types of tender documents; incorporation of documents; acceptance; liability apart from the contract; collusive tendering Special parties - generally; the Crown; local authorities; trading corporations Performance - obligations of the contractor and employer; discharge from further performance; specific performance Acceptance and defects Approval and certificates - approval of work; approval by building owner and by third person; effect of arbitration clause; recovery without certificate; certificates; effect on third persons; summary of the law on conclusiveness of satisfaction or certificates; status and duties of ceritifer Variations Price and damages Time for performance Penalties and liquidated damages - construction and effect of clauses; release of damages; extension of time Vesting and seizure of materials and plant - ownership in the absence of express provisions; express provisions; lien; old materials Forfeiture and determination Assignment Sub-contracts Bankruptcy and liquidation Guarantee and sureties Arbitration - what is an arbitration; the effect of agreement; disqualification of arbitrators; condition precedent to action; procedure
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