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Ford and Lee : the law of trusts (Online)
Lee, W.A. ; Fullerton, I.G. ; Glover, John ; Bryan, Michael ; Ford, H.A.J. ;
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Pyrmont, N.S.W.: Thomson Reuters (Professional) Australia
Nature of trusts and rights of beneficiaries -- Intention to create a trust -- The trustees title -- The subject matter of a trust -- The objects of a trust -- Requirements as to form -- Failure of duly constituted trusts -- Trustees -- Trustees' duties -- The investment of trust funds -- Capital and income -- Trustees powers - administrative and distributive -- Trustees' rights and remuneration -- External liabilities of trustees -- The variation of trusts -- Termination of trust -- Remedies -- Protecting the trust: private law and public law -- Charitable trusts: definition and scope -- Charitable trusts: administration and cy-pres -- Resulting trusts -- Constructive trusts -- The taxation of trust income -- Trusts and conflict of laws -- Legislation
Previously titled Principles of the law of trusts
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