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Australian tenancy law and practice (eLending)
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Principal agreements -- Leases -- Methods of granting leases -- Business premises -- Agricultural lettings -- Leases of vacant land -- Communal lettings -- Dealings with part of land -- Agreements to lease -- Assignment -- Subleases -- Mortgages of leaseholds -- Supplementary agreements -- Options and rights of pre-emption -- Restrictive and unfair practices -- Unfair business conduct -- termination of terminations -- The recovery of compensation for injuries caused by the condition of leased premises and their surrounds -- Green leases -- Introductory clauses -- Interpretation -- The grant of leased premises -- Qualifications to the grant -- Tenants' covenants - financial -- Tenant's covenants - other obligations -- Landlords covenants -- Head lessor's covenants -- Assignees covenants -- Mutual covenants -- Further conditions -- Schedule -- Witnessing clauses -- Attestation clauses - Attachments, annexures and exhibits -- Miscellaneous-- Outlines and precedents -- Key precedents -- leases -- Subleases -- Assignments -- Surrenders -- Supplementary agreements -- Introductory clauses -- Grant clauses -- Tenants covenants -- Landlord's and other covenants -- Mutual covenants -- Further conditions to attachments -- Miscellaneous precedents -- Petroleum Retail Marketing Franchise Act & forms -- Commercial & Retail tenancies - for all states -- Agricultural tenancies -- General forms and precedents -- Letters and reports -- Case notes - Bulletins and articles
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Previously titled: Australian tenancy practice and precedents

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